Elizabeth Bower’s Memorial

To honor Beth, to continue her work, and to sustain her vision of global peace and understanding, a memorial fund was created by her family and friends to educate the girls where Beth served. Today, going to school is the best chance Zambian women have to take control of their lives. An educated population is essential if Zambia is to combat HIV/AIDS, gender inequality, and the overwhelming problems of poverty.

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With the success of EBMF, Beth’s family decided that they needed an organization dedicated to its mission in Lumwana West. Since not all of Beth’s Girls choose to be teachers, The Elizabeth Bowers Zambia Education Fund (EBZEF) was established as an Oregon Corporation on March 8, 2006, and filed to become an independent 501(c) (3) non-profit organization, an IRS ruling received on March 16, 2007. Now scholarship recipients can pursue individual career choices.