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Depression: The Ultimate Teen Guide (It Happened to Me)

Check out the book on Amazon! Writing and Publishing: The Ultimate Teen Guide (Hardcover)

  • The book explores various writing careers and the basics of publishing and marketing, including how to write query letters. Schwartz also provides tips on writing both fiction and nonfiction, as well as genres a new author can explore, like poetry and songwriting. This Forthcoming book is available at
Amazon Website to my book ORGAN TRANSPLANTS: A Survival Guide for the Entire Family (Scarecrow Press, 2005.)

  • Unlike any other book, this one talks to teens and offers practical advice and suggestions for coping with and surviving the situation when their parent has an organ transplant, or when they are personally facing an organ transplant. It covers how to deal with events that happen before, during, and after the surgery. (
Click here to purchase Motocross Freestyle at Amazon! MOTOCROSS FREESTYLE (Capstone Press/Edge Books, 2004.)

  • Get reved to see the world of freestyle motocross from the rider’s perspective. The book contains images and descriptions of motocross judging panels, mainstream events, and motocross riders tricks.
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